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Solar Energy Power Systems

Clearline Solar Solutions has installed the first totally solar powered system which provides continuous power to cellular phone towers. The first installation was of behalf of MTN, and is situated at their Kaalfontein tower. The installation has allowed the mobile phone operating company to take their tower completely off the electrical grid and operate their system independently, saving not only operating expenses, but also not being susceptible to possible power interruptions.

One of the unique features of this system is that the solar panels track with the arc of the sun thus maximising the sun's power source. The system output generates over 40 kW per day and is designed in such a way so as to only dispense sufficient power to keep the site fully operational.

As the system can be monitored remotely through a GSM link, the integrity of the system is visible 24/7.

Clearline's solar systems are particularly suited to inaccesable areas where grid power is too expensive to install due to cable length or no capacity from the service provider.

The standard system is rated at 5 kW, with a three day autonomy, however this could be designed to generate greater or smaller power outputs depending on the installation. These units have been installed in Msinga in Kwazulu Natal and in Thabankulu as well as in Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape.

The units are monitored via GSM modems to ascertain usage patterns and to ensure that the supply is adequate.So far the units have performed above expectation and all indications are that the system will continue to deliver above expectations during the winter months.These units are designed to be installed in the developed or rural areas and as there is no need for specialized erection equipment, infrastructure or electrical distribution connections so we are able to bring power to the most remote areas.

The patented design and delivery system ensures that power will be available to the user for 24 hours per day and which can be monitored remotely through a GSM link. The systems can be configured as pre-paid, billed or free supply electricity depending on local conditions.

Some of the more attractive applications for the system is domestic housing (urban and rural), borehole and surface pumps; electric fences, lodges, game farms, gatehouses, traffic lights, perimeter and street lights, to mention a few.

Typically the equipment is supplied flat packed which allows for bulk and cost effective transportation. Once on site the system can be erected and commissioned within a day